Clean-Up Bookkeeping

Clean-Up Bookkeeping Services Explained

QuickBooks /Accounting Clean-Up:
My knowledgeable full charge bookkeeping team meticulously reviews and corrects any discrepancies or inconsistencies in your QuickBooks records. With attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy, I ensure that your financial data is organized and error-free.

I will meticulously analyze and reconcile your financial records, ensuring that all discrepancies are addressed, and your records are accurate and reliable.

Balance and General Ledger Sheets:
I’ll provide comprehensive balance and general ledger sheets, giving you a clear overview of your company’s financial position.

Categorizing Transactions and Journal Entries:
Never worry about the organization of financial transactions again. I’ll categorize and record all transactions accurately, providing clear and detailed journal entries for your reference.

Setting up Chart of Accounts:
Billy Barton-Accountant LLC, will set up a customized chart of accounts tailored to your business, ensuring that your financial information is organized in a way that makes sense for your specific needs.

Profit and Loss Analysis:
Understanding your business’s profitability is crucial. I provide detailed profit and loss analysis to help you make informed financial decisions.

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